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At East Bergholt High School our approach is firmly that all of our students are talented in their own unique ways.  It is important to recognise that all children, not just the most able, will benefit from good practice in teaching and learning; from effective differentiation, from detailed assessment and appropriate study support.  However, we recognise the importance of challenging particularly able students according to their special talents and skills. 

 It is the responsibility of each area within school to provide appropriate challenge for high attaining students.  At East Bergholt High School we aim for provision for more able students in lessons to be as inclusive as possible.  We seek to provide for the needs of this group of students through appropriate differentiation and extension opportunities that are developed and delivered through the mainstream curriculum as well as access to high quality extra-curricular opportunities. 

 Individual subject areas monitor and track the progress of students that they have identified as having exceptional skill and talent in their subject area.  In addition to this, the approximate top 10% of each year group are identified using a combination of data sources.  The progress of these students is monitored by Faculty and Subject Leaders and the Senior Leadership link teacher.     

 The information in the booklet below outlines planned learning activities in the coming year that your child may be able to take part in.  Please do get in touch with the members of staff named for each subject if you would like further information. Specific information relating to these activities will also be provided by teaching staff at appropriate times throughout the year and through the weekly e-newsletter to parents.  Please do also take a look at our More Able Booklet for parents, a link to which is availble at the foot of the page.


Cheryl Schmidt, Assistant Headteacher


We are members of the National Association for Able Children in Education (NACE) 

Extra Challenge Reading List

More Able Booklet for parents

NACE Essentials information booklet