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SOS Peer Mentoring

The "SOS" programme is East Bergholt High School's award winning Peer Mentoring scheme. SOS stands for Support Our Students. In the scheme Year 10 and 11 students are trained to listen to and guide others through challenging times and lead them towards independence and resolution. It is particularly useful in addressing issues that older students have been through and worries students may not like to take to a member of staff. SOS adds a very special layer of care to community as it comes from the students themselves.

We have meetings in Citizenship time where we do a mixture of things: keeping up our skills with short exercises to refresh our training, visit our mentees in person, support other mentees via email, organise fund raising events and workshops. We work closely with heads of year to ensure that the needs of particular children are met. We work at keeping our profile high in school while working discreetly to support individuals. As a result it is a very well respected scheme among the students and viewed as a great privilege to be given the job of SOS peer mentor.

Mrs Susanna Spencer

Two student views on SOS - 

"I went to SOS because I was struggling to find friends. Talking to one of the mentors really made me more confident, my mentor suggested ways to make friends and within a few meetings, I had a number of them. Now I don't need a mentor. I would recommend SOS to anyone who has a problem, it really helps. 
Year 7 student
"Being in the SOS team has been very interesting and a special, unique experience. It feels so great to be able to help younger students who may be facing some of the problems that I faced during my school years such as bullying, organisational skills, troubles at home with family members and friends." 
Year 10 SOS mentor

East Bergholt High School S.O.S. Peer Mentor Referral Form

If you feel that you, or someone you know, would benefit from having a peer mentor, please complete the form below.

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