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Student Registration Form

It is essential that we have full and accurate details relating to your son/daughter. It is also essential we are advised of any changes to this information as they occur during the year. This form must be completed by an adult with parental responsibility. Each section should be completed, it is vital that we are able to contact a responsible person in an emergency.

Data Protection Act 1998 and GDPR: The school is registered under the Data Protection Act for holding personal data. The school has a duty to protect this information and to keep it up to date. The school is required to share some of the data with the Local Education Authority and with the DFE.

New Student Data Collection

Parents: Use this form to provide details of new students confirmed as starting at the school.

  • 1 Confirmations> 2 Student Details> 3 Emergency Contacts> 4 Personal / Medical> 5 Ethnic / Cultural> 6 Other / Consent
  • Name of the person completing this form. Should be a parent or someone with parental responsibility.

  • This form is for collecting information about new students starting at the school who have been offered a place. By ticking this box and completing the form you are accepting the offer of a place at the school.
    If you have not yet made an application, or the application is still pending then please do not complete the form at this stage.
    If you have any queries or questions about this process then please contact or phone the school.

  • Confirm you have parental responsibility for this child. Having parental responsibility means assuming all the rights, duties, powers, responsibilities and authority that a parent of a child has by law. People other than a child's natural parents can acquire parental responsibility through:
    •being granted as residence order
    •being appointed a guardian
    •adopting a child
    •being named in an emergency protection order (although parental responsibility in such a case is limited to taking reasonable steps to safeguard or promote the child's welfare).
    In addition, a local authority can acquire parental responsibility if it is named in the care order for a child. In some cases, several people may have parental responsibility for a child.