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Extra Curricular

Residential & Foreign School Trips 2017/18

The table below gives a summary of forthcoming  major School trips.  All trips are subject to securing a viable number of students.

Year Group Trip Date Approx cost
Yrs. 10 & 11 Opal Coast, Northern France. 9-12 Feb. 2018


Year 9 Battlefields 2-5 March 2018 TBC (£275 in 2017)
Year 9 Battlefields 16-19 March 2018 TBC (£275 in 2017)

Yrs. 7 to 10

Snow Sports, Italy (Fully Booked)

Easter 2018 £935
Year 10 Cornwall (Fully Booked) 27 May - 1 June £465
Year 9 German Exchange visit Germany 8-15 June 2018  
Year  8 St Omer June 2018 TBC (£60 in 2017)
Year 10 Poland June/July 2018 TBC

Once a student has committed to a trip, unless there are exceptional circumstances, it will not be possible to transfer between trips.  Students are allowed to participate in more than one trip, however, in the event of a trip being oversubscribed, priority will be given to those students who have not had the opportunity of going on a previous trip during their school career. 

Letters relating to school trips can be found on the letters home section of the website.

A full list of extra curricular activities can be found here. Details of individual activities can be found in the indiviual departments in the side bar on the right side of the page.

Please contact Mr Turner, Headteacher, with any further queries.