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Geography Department

The Syllabuses at Key Stage 3 follow the National Curriculum.

  • Year 7 Introduction to Geography; developing skills and approaches to learning which can be built upon throughout KS3. Units of work enable students to learn about the local area and beyond. There are opportunities to explore some national and global issues. Students will be given opportunities to work in a variety of ways to encourage independent learning and teamwork skills.

  • Year 8 Tourism; Weather, climate and ecosystems; Life in different parts of the world, Environmental issues – what’s happening to our planet? Coastal processes

  • Year 9 Population, migration and Urbanisation – global challenges; fairtrade and globalisation; development and poverty. Managing resources, Hazards and management

    At Key Stage 4 students currently follow the AQA Syllabus. Recent examination figures indicate that students can and do achieve well in this subject at GCSE. An essential part of the course remains fieldwork, although the assessment of this has changed and will be in the form of exam rather than coursework (Controlled Assessment). In recent years this has involved a study of the impacts of tourism and coastal processes at local sites and is undertaken during Year 10.

    The Department comprises one full time and two part-time specialist teachers of Geography and two other Humanities teachers with KS 3 teaching alongside their other commitments. Within the Department there are a wide selection of resources which include core texts and e-learning packages supported with a variety of supplementary materials; visual materials in the form of video and DVD and various maps and photographs. ICT forms an essential part of the course throughout Key Stage 3 and 4 and there is an increasing amount of time dedicated to developing this further. All rooms are equipped with data projectors, which are used extensively as part of our practice with teaching and learning.